Insiders are main computer security threat



I just posted the article Insiders are main computer security threat.

The enemy is inside…

Disgruntled insiders and accounts held by former employees are a greater computer security threat to U.S. companies than outside hackers, according to a survey released…

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Is that such big news? I thought that was widely known… One of the oldest tricks in the book would be to call an employee of a company and make up some lame excuse to get his/her login & password… :d You can have all the security that you want, but the weakest link will always be the employee’s that have to use it…


I used to be a Novell netware admin for 3 years until the company I worked for didnt require my service any longer, I could have trashed the server and all accounts in seconds, but I am not like that :4, My everymove was tracked and I was escorted to my car and though I was a prisoner. Fuck em all I say, if you know the company is gonna get rid, destroy the servers fuck big time :8