Inside the Lite-On

I don’t know if some of you are interested in knowing what inside the 48X Lite-On, but I have recently opened up and looked inside a couple of different Lite-On and Sony drives, and it was interesting to me what I found inside.

On the LTR-48125W drive it has two small PCB’s, instead of one large PCB like in the LTR-24102B model. One of the two PCB’s has the 32 speed burner’s part number on it, LTR-32125W. The other one had the 40 speed burner’s part number on it, LTR-40125W… It’s no wonder after seeing the inside why the 32X and 40X burners OC to a 48X so well, as far as I can tell they are exactly the same parts inside the units from the 32X to the 48X model Lite-On’s, at least pretty close it would seem on the “W” series.

I also opened up a Sony CRX175A1, and they are definitely a Lite-On as rumored by many. The PCB in a Sony CRX175A1 says LTR-24102B right on it. The Sony CRX175E though appears to be an actual Sony as far as I can determine from the insides, the PCB inside says Sony on it, so I assume it must be one actually made by Sony. I flashed the Sony CRX175A1 to the Lite-On LTR-24102B firmware, it has worked flawlessly ever since.

Anyway, I am sure some of you already new all that, but maybe some of you would find it interesting.

Would it be possible for you to show some pictures?

Like I said in an earlier thread - “re-inventing the wheel”…

Originally posted by dhc014
Would it be possible for you to show some pictures?

I’ll see if I can borrow a digital camera from someone.


Just PM me your e-ddress and I’ll send you some pics.
The matter was discussed a couple ot months ago and I showed to many ppl
that inside my 40125S@48125W is the LTR-32123S.

Do you have info on which PUH your drive has? Only if it’s handy.

If what you say is true, I have no reason to doubt you, the LTR-32123S should be upgradeable to 48x. Has anyone been able to do that?

Logically, yes. Especially when thinking of the scans I have handy.
The thing is that it’s always been said that it’s impossible to upgrade the 32123S.
Even though I have from time to time been sending out my pictures to some moderators and other persons
here @CD Freaks in order to kinda prove the opposite,
I in return haven’t been given any certain answer on that issue.

As I said I’ll willingly send my photos to anybody concerned in solving the matter.

Btw, and how about this stuff here ?

This in my mind means that 32123S -> 40125S -> 48125W = mission possible.

Originally posted by stevem
Do you have info on which PUH your drive has? Only if it’s handy.

Since I don’t know what a “PUH” is, I am going to have to say probably not. If you can explain to me what the hell that is I would be happy to check it out for you.

(Optical) Pick-Up Head.

There will be writing under the assembly of the bottom picture. It may start with KA02xxx.

Pics originally posted by godzilla525 in an earlier thread.