Inside story: Perfect Copy, where is it?

I just posted the article Inside story: Perfect Copy, where is it?.

Many questions have been asked to me, about Perfect Copy, Perfect Suite and the mysterius program “Echo - Your Virtual Friend”.

This story contains inside information about the development of…

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We want to no if you guys can make a support for the Pre-Mastering of 90Min (800MB) CD’s Curently thre is NO program “yet” that can do that job for us !! What we mean is NOT 1 on 1 Copy, bus Pre-Mastering a CD from HD whit a content of 800MB Data…

Nero can do that now, and have done that for a loooong time.

What about download link?

good story zyron!

great story.:slight_smile: I had perfect Copy on my com. but I had to format C. I tried downloading a new copy of sr3 but had to search for a file msi9x.exe. It still doesn’t work(runtime error 53). Missing a file so I was wondering if you could help me fix it. Thanks jedsawrey :):7