Inside story: Perfect Copy, where is it?



Many questions have been asked to me, about Perfect Copy, Perfect Suite and the mysterius program “Echo - Your Virtual Friend”.
This story contains inside information about the development of Perfect Copy, Perfect Protection, Perfect Suite and Echo

The beginning of the Perfect era
I wandered why people didn’t use Database alike programs that could save game parameters and represent them for CloneCD. One day a friend of mine wanted the feature and then i made a sample program. a week after, several people mailed me and said WOW, i realized that the program had potential, and made it more advanced.

Perfect Copy 0.3 Beta was launched
The first program EVER to deliver a full featured database of games. At that time it only had 45 games listed.
It used CloneCD’s new Parameter properties to secretly send CloneCD information about the game.
After 0.3 several updates were reality. When 1.0 came it was downloaded in 1500 peaces a day, in 8 days, afterwards it was steadyly downloaded when every update where available.

Perfect Copy 2000
1 month later, Domin8tor mailed me, and said what a wonderfull program i had, and said that he was doing a similar program but it lacked the Database feature. Therefore we agreed to make our two programs to one “Super” program, it was called Perfect Copy 2000. It was made by me Zyron and Dominator (owner of CDFreaks). It was even more popular and was widely used by the CDFreaks community. 3 months after, i heard reports about a new and similar program: CloneCDDB, it was made with the idea behind Perfect Copy. This program was also a good choice.

Perfect Copy 2000 SR1
This version of Perfect Copy, was the best version ever, and runned smooth on most system. It was equipped, with the most advanced protection detector on that time. And iv’e heard reports that it detects some SD2 protections, even before it was released.

Perfect Copy 2000 SR3
The SR2 version was skipped because of some routine problems, and soon SR3 was reality.
It contain an access enabled database and featured an Online update function.
The server that should send & recieve were only online for 2 days and that is why the online function didn’t work.
SD2 was now officialy supported and proved to work in some occations
Because of the lack of time, this project was the last official release

Perfect Suite 2000
This program is a mix of several of my programs. It features some security options, to make it more private to surf.
It uses Proxy technology to cover peoples identity.

Perfect Suite 2001
Updated version of Perfect Suite, that features a security Officer, that acts as an Intruder Alert. If someone tries to mess with your system it just closed the connection.

Echo - Your Virtual Friend
This program a redesigned version of Perfect Suite, talks to you if you do something, and features Microsoft Text To Speech technology. With a little Artifical Intelligence it acts as your friend when you are surfing. WARNING: this should not be a replacement for your girlfriend.
An early version of Echo was sended to Gamefreak, an allways helpfull guy, but mysteriously didn’t work. That has been fixed now.

So what now?
Perfect Copy was never ditched. I made a arrangement with Mike Haisly from Phenotek Programmers Group about together making a burning engine, it worked well at the beginning but after a month he didn’t reply my mails. There has now gone 3 month’s, and i have terminated the deal. Perfect Copy is starting again with it’s sole perpose to help you guys again.
Perfect Suite is now merging back to Echo, because iv’e got the “Text To Speach” to work.

Hope you liked my little “Inside Story”.
Keep watching for an update.

Best Regards
Zyron - Perfect Copy Author


Keep it up! good work!


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Keep watching for an update.

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