Inside a Virtual Machine (Hyper-V)

When I try to run DVDFAB I got the error

“Sorry , this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine”

Does anybody have a clue about this?


you probably have VCD or DT.


What do you mean?

I don’t understand you.

Sorry :frowning:

[QUOTE=canino98;2305037]What do you mean?

I don’t understand you.

Sorry :([/QUOTE]

I suspect touchdown_1 is referring to Virtual Clone Drive or Daemon Tools.

Just an FYI:

canino98, maineman is correct, and apologies for not being more precise.


I still got the error :frowning: I’m not using any tools, although I’m using Windows 2008 Server

I am running DVDfab under VMware Fusion and it seems to be running okay. My mac is a Mini running OS X 10.5.6 and I am using Windows XP in the vm. I didn’t have any problem installing or running DVDfab, it seems perfectly happy.