Inserting track separators in audio files?

Newbie here!!! Just wondering how to insert track separators into audio files that have none. I have concerts that are saved as one big mp3 file. There is no way to forward to individual songs, like you would with a cd. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :cop:

You could try to burn with x2cd music cd burner. add the mp3 file to the software and choose start and stop point of each song. then you will get a cd with multi-tracks which you can forward or backward one whole song. download from thanks.

You cannot do add such things, you have to edit the audio files or use some audio software to make a project with splitted tracks.

Any suggestions on what audio software I could use to edit?

This will tell you how to make your own cue sheet. There are also some software links on the page. You might find something that helps.

If you had recorded .wav files, Wave Repair Shareware has a cue sheet/cd text generator. I use it on large .wav files recordings of vinyl LPs. I add a cue point between each song, create a cue sheet and add the CD text (song names, artist, album name). Then I load the .cue sheet into burrrn and burn a CD. EAC works also. You can also “play” the .cue file in Foobar or other programs and all the song names show up on the playlist. Unfortunately Wave Repair only works on .wav files. :sad:

Look at this program too