Inserting subtitle file

Hi everyone, I am currently using ConvertXtodvd to convert my avi. files to DVD but I don’t know how to include the .srt subtitle file so that it can be included in the final DVD. I hope I’m not asking something too stupid. Thanks in advance.

Once you’ve opened your ConvertxtoDvd program and loaded the movie into it, within that window you’ll see the title of your movie. Click on the (+) sign next to the movie name, and a list of topics will show up. One of those topics is Subtitle Stream. Highlight that title and right click on your mouse. You’ll get a new menu with 2 choices…click on the Add Subtitle Channel. This should open the window that shows the folder your subtitles are in. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to find that folder. Highlight the subtitles and click Open. That should do it. Your ConvertxtoDVD window should now show the subtitle stream as having the number of external subtitles you loaded.

One final thing…If you loaded more than one language subtitle track, your window will show all of them as being the same language in brackets. To change the language identifier, you will need to highlight the subtitle you need to change the language identifier for, click on it again, and you’ll get that subtitle again with a check mark in a box on the left, and more information about it. Right click on it, and select Change Renderer Settings. Up will come a yellow page with the script of the subtitle. Click on the x and shut it off. Back on the ConvertxtoDvd window, click on the check mark to the right of the language in the little window beside the funny looking x, scroll down and select the language that the subtitle is in. Click on the (- ) sign beside the subtitle name, and the original language designation will change to the one you want.

Do this for each additional language subtitle. That’s it. With a little practice, it’ll become quite simple.