Inserting 'silent movie type titles' - DVD to DVD

First my apology, because this could be a long post, but it comes out of frustration.

I am in the process of having 8mm Home Movies converted to DVD. Each 4 inch reel is converted to a single DVD. The movies were edited into the reel configuration some 40 plus years ago.

My goal is to identify the ‘parts’ of each reel and place an ‘in movie’ caption much like the old silent movie days before each part. For the most part I would like to retain the integrity of each reel. A silent movie caption at the start of each reel would be nice.

I will use as an example one of my ‘reels’. The DVD has about 15 minutes of video. The video is of birthdays for 4 separate children. I would like to title the reel ‘Birthdays’ and identify the child and birthday year, such as “Jan’s 3rd Birthday”, etc.

The start DVD is composed of the standard BUP, INF and VOB files. There is a single VOB file that contains the conversion. To date I have tried several techniques, but the resulting DVD is of far lesser quality. The system used thus far is to convert the VOB to AVI – I have used several different programs. The AVI file is then used as input into Microsoft Movie Maker where the splits were made, by birthday, and silent movie type titles inserted. That project was then output to harddisk as an AVI file. This project resulted in a nice move playable on my computer. However I really want to be able to show the old moves off on the living room TV using the DVD Player.

NeroVision Express 3 was used to recode and copy the ‘new’ VOB file to DVD Disk.The DVD plays OK, but someplace during the multiple conversions much quality is lost.

I have found a program that will split the VOB file, in this case by birthday. The resulting in several VOB’s that are used as input to NeroVision Express once again. However, in NeroVision Express, the silent movie titles are placed ‘over’ the segment rather than in front.

I have learned from my searching and reading that when others speak about ‘titles’ in reference to VOB files they are not talking about ‘silent movie type titles’, but some other type.

There must be a better way. I of course, do not have to worry about synced audio, cause there is not any. Silent movie type titles are preferred. The titles over the video for the rmost part are distracting. Surely there is a better way. Perhaps there is a better program other than Nero to convert the AVI to DVD.


Thank You

There are many good editing programs available. TMPGENC, Virtualdub, Ulead video studio, adobe premiere, and more. Start by checking and look at authoring programs.