Inserting "silent breaks" in large mp3


one question : wich software would be good to insert a “silent break” in a large mp3 , in order to be able to listen to it (when burned) on an audio cd.
…by silent break I mean , seemles playback , but the cd player would be able to find it , sort of breaking a large file into tracks.


If you’re burning it as an audio CD, tracks are EXACTLY what you are looking for - your burn program may have the option to mark or splt tracks, just make sure to set the gap to 0 and burn in Disc at Once mode.

even if you set the gap to 0 it may not end up seemless. raw data is written in chunks of 2352 bytes. if the file is not evenly devided by 2352 then it will be padded with zeros and the result would be a small pop sound between tracks