Inserting my own "commercial"

I have a movie and in between, I want to insert some “commercial” (some other short mpegs) into the movie.

How can I do it without breaking up the original movie into sections and then joining it again ? Any software that can do it ?

Thanks !

To insert a clip into an exsisting video, if that video is a whole video, I think you would have to split it somewhere in order insert the commercial. This I guess would also depend on the software you choose.

Not sure what format the movie is that you are trying to alter. IMO, it would be a lot easier to do this to an AVI file or MPEG file than it would be to do to a VOB file.

Care to be a little more specific, then just maybe I can give you a clearer answer. In other words, you did not paint the picture clear enough. Details would help. Like are you looking to insert many commercials in several places? Or just one commercial down the line of the video. :cool:

My source file is MPEG. I want to create a DVD with “commercials” in several places.

You will have to split the video but there is a great program like ULEAD Video Studio 11 that would allow you to split the video file into time frames (The split has a sensetivity button) this will increase or decrease the ammount of slit scenes you have to work with. Not only could you do all this with ULEAD Video studio but you can also create the DVD when you are done using the same program. (creates menus too) Overall great tool if you want to make movies with out the huge/major learning curve.

Minor note: ULEAD is sort of a resource hog (not as bad as some other progs I have tried and it’s a lot more stable and user friendly) I installed 2 GIGS of ram in order to work seemlessly and effortlessly while making my videos. I did not need the 2 gigs but it did not hurt :disagree:

Not sure if I was of any help but another simple solution would be using Easy Video Splitter and Easy Video Joiner this splits and joins files super fast and effortlessly too but you will have to use something to make the dvd such as Nero or what ever you like using most.