Inserting multiple audio tracks into a DVD - accurately and seamlessly

Hiya folks.

I have quite a big project I would like to pursue. This morning I was sent I DVD of a televised performance from my favourite band. It was originally aired nineteen years ago, and it looks like somebody has converted their original taped video onto DVD. The picture quality is actually pretty good for its age, although the sound is not too hot.

There are nine chapters on this DVD, one for each of the nine songs. The full concert had thirteen songs in total - four were cut due to ITV’s (the channel that broadcasted it all those years ago) time limitations. An official CD of this performance was released, and the sound quality on that, understandably, is far superior to the video source. There are thirteen tracks on the CD, as every song performed was recorded. Unfortunately, as I said before, not all of them were filmed.

What I want to do is replace the audio on the DVD entirely with the relevant tracks from the superior-sounding official CD. So that (presumably) means that I have to extract the nine songs from my CD and somehow insert them into the DVD, ensuring that the picture is perfectly in sync to the audio at all times accross all songs.

I have seen a handful of tutorials which detail how to go about replacing single tracks on a DVD, for instance how to insert your own custom soundtrack to be played throughout a movie. My situation differs as I have nine sound files to insert seamlessly into the DVD, lining them all up somehow in tune with the picture.

I would greatly appreciate anybody who can help me with this. Thanks in advance,

Jonathan Storey.

If you can extract your dvd to Adobe Premiere, then you can cut bits of the audio out and insert the tracks from your cd. They will have to be moved left or right by dragging them along the time line, or you could use the appearance of the original track as a guide, then delete the original.
Not too difficult…just requires a bit of patience.

My suggestion would be to rip each chapter separately (using DVD Decrypter) and deal with them individually, rather then try and get synchronised across a whole DVD. You can put them back together again and reauthor the DVD afterwards.

When you rip a chapter, DVD Decrypter has the option to demultiplex the audio out from the video. It’s this track that you can replace with the CD version, but you’ll also need to convert the CD Audio track to MPEG1 Layer II (.mp2) first.

For getting the synchronisation right in each chapter you’ll need a video editor such as Womble MPEG Video Wizard, TMPGenc or VideoRedo. These will remultiplex the audio and video to an MPEG2 file to DVD-Video standards.

Then you’ll need an authoring program which properly supports chapter menus like Ulead DVD Movie Factory. Add all the MPEG2 files you’ve made files and it will create a DVD-Video with these as chapters again.

It’ll take a while but you’ll have fun.

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Thank you both for your suggestions.

@imkidd57: I have downloaded DVD Decrypter. Using the ISO data format, I have decrypted Chapter 1 successfully, although I am not sure how to demux the audio. I have enabled Steam Processing and Demux etc for the audio (not the video - is this right?), but all I am left with is an AC3 file - not MP2. Was I right in doing this?

If you could possibly write a mini tutorial on what I should be doing with that program that would be great. Or, if I am heading along the right lines just a few ammendments to my method would be much obliged.


Yes that seems right except you should have ripped the video stream as well, because that’s what you want to add the new audio to.

The AC3 file is just a different form of audio encoding, and probably there because the tape -> DVD was done on a standalone DVD recorder (which usually use the AC3 format).

Just check if you had DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, and that you had all the boxes ticked on BOTH tabs according to the screenshot below: