Inserting Key*help*



Ive had dvdfab gold 3080.3months(now) it says its registered to me.but when i installed it. I didnt quite understand how to copy/paste the 50+text keys into the folder…how do you do it??i do have the key*but i think its corrupted…and to make a backup cd/what do you make a backup cd of??what parts exactly of the folder??


Hi parrotluver
I have never copy/paste my key, all I have ever done was to double click on the key and it took care of it for me :bigsmile:


If it says it’s registered to you, everything should be fine. Email the key to yourself as an attachment or save it on another computer, just in case. I would also suggest that you upgrade to version All settings and registration will be preserved if you just install the new version over the old one.


thanks stormjumper**what about making a backup cd? what exactly do i want to copy??


I’m sorry what do you mean by backup cd :confused:


HI STORMJUMPER*ok you buy dvdfab but they dont ship you a actual cd/of the program/with drivers.etc like most companys do…they say make a backup cd.maybe they mean all the stuff in the folder…


If you have a sandisc that you just insert into a USB port just drag the setup file that you downloaded to it along with your key they are very cheap and you can also add other files to it much better then a cd


DVDFab is updated so often making a back up CD is almost a waste of time. I sent the email with the key to my Gmail account, keep a copy in regular email in a special folder, saved it as a text file to a floppy. You just need to highlight it and copy with a right click, then if you do a new install when it asked for Key right click in the space and choose paste.



Hi,i saved my key on the flash drive,i thougth if i loose program i jast download it again an use key from my flash drive. is it wright or not?


That will work too, forgot that I had one stored that way.



That is what a sandisk is when ever DVDFab is updated I replace the setup file keeping the regkey of course :bigsmile: like I said better then a CD :cool:


[B]thanks guys**ive got 3086 right was 3050 2-27-07 when i bought it.i think its not updating*i read 3090 is the newest??does it update automatically? or do i need to go to what site…its working lately but it acts up.if i hit a bad sectored disc. i do a sys restore.i might have to do a comp uninstall.if it acts up again.


Hi parrot,

The Beta links are posted by Fengtao right here on cdf…look for a sticky near the top of the Fab forum:

DVDFab Beta.

For the latest final release version, Fengtao’s home site:

Hope this helps… :wink:

Oh, in common settings, you can enable “check for new version automatically”. I believe this is checked as a default setting. I have it unchecked. You will still have to download and install, but just go ahead and install on top of the previous version. If you revert, you will have to uninstall.


Does not update automatically but will check to see if a new update is available. I turned mine of and do as most people do check the [B]Read First Stickies[/B].