Inserting blank media will restart my computer! WHY?

I have 2 CD -/+ R/RW burners. One in addition (Pioneer) also burns DVD-R/RW only, not the + format. The other one (Memorex) in addition burns pretty much everything DVD/CD -/+ R/RW and DVD DL (the newer one of the 2). I haven’t had any problems until 5 months ago, give or take.

The problem is every time I insert a blank DVD or CD the whole computer restarts, doesn’t matter what drive I use. Regular, already burnt, CDs or DVDs work fine. I’ve done almost everything I could think of, like switching the jumpers for each drive from Master to Slave or Cable select, updating the firmware (for the Memorex only, haven’t done it to the pioneer yet), and having only one drive connected on boot-up (only 1 master drive, so one drive only at a time on boot).

I read somewhere that someone said to turn off the “Automatic Restart” feature (Right click My Computer>Properties>Advanced Tab>Start up and Recovery Settings button>under “System Failure” deselect the “Automatically Restart” feature). Apparently that seemed to help the restarting from the blank CDs, but not DVD media.

One more thing, on boot-up if I have a blank CD/DVD in my drive already I can burn it, EXCEPT for DVDs. I receive an “Unrecognized format error” for the DVDs.

I would really appreciate everyone’s help, any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

Computer Specs:
2.66GHz CPU
128MB AGP Radeon 9800
2-120GB (Total=240GB)

I think that’s everything you might need. If not let me know, Thanks again.

I would test the drives in another computer, maybe one is broken.

Did you try to uninstall both drives in Manager and let windows reinstall?

Ya that’s what I thought, but then again I unplugged each drive so only one was working on boot-up at a time. Couldn’t hurt though. I’ll have to try that soon.

No I didn’t. You think one of the drivers might be corrupt?

What burning software do you have installed.
Specifically, what PACKET writing software is installed?

Have you disabled the windows inbuilt burning software?

As of now I use Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 (Build 7.0.353.0 ENU), ATI MultiMedia Center (came with graphics card, probably don’t need it and probably could uninstall), DVD43, and VOB Instant Write (came with my computer). I can’t recall that I’ve disabled windows built in burning software, so no it’s still enabled.

Roxio (worst software package known to man) comes with a packet writing “Drag & Drop” software.

Packet writing software routinely causes issues with other burning applications because it installs a lower level filter which activates as soon as you insert a writable CD.

If the packet writing software has an issue … bang … instant reboot.

Really… When I have time this week I’ll try to uninstall that and see how it goes, along with anything else you guys suggested if that so happens not to be it. Also any suggestions for a product, somewhat like Roxio, that lets you burn DVDs, CDs, and possibly DVD DLs? Thanks.


It’s a few MB small (unlike Nero/Roxio bloatware which comes in at a 100MB+ HD footprint), it’s totally free (I donated $10 though) & does the following:
DAO & multisession discs, CD-R, DVD+/-R & DVD+/-R DL & will also reliably burn/erase CDRW/DVDRW discs.
It will burn existing images created by most programs, and backs up files including DVD-Video (but you need to use something else to dump/decrypt the files, same as any other burning software) and automatically selects the required media type for the size.

Another choice is Ashampoo Burning Studio. Very simple and has NO Packet Writing.
I might add that both Roxio/Sonic and Nero have their issues with “drag-n’drop” programs. In my experience-the 2 cannot coexist on a machine. The really important thing for you to do is to make absolutely certain that ALL references to Roxio are removed. Trust me that this is important. Windows Add/Remove does not take everything out if the Uninstaller does not have the correct routines.
WARNING: Editing the Registry is done at your own risk!! There are references that either Roxio or Nero DO leave there. They should be removed. There are several cleanup utilities available, such as Crap Cleaner that will help with this.
Hope this helps find the problem.

I’ve uninstalled Roxio, man did that take a lonngggg time, but still my computer reboots. You guys also said to clean out my registry, didn’t think of that, and I’ll have to get around to doing that as well.

Debro you said

Why did you ask? Could this be a problem as well?

Jc836 what do you mean by “NO Packet Writing”. I haven’t heard of that before.

Someone told me to download some ASPI drivers, why would I need those, anyone know why?

Thanks guys for the recommendations of programs to use as well.

It’s known to be an issue with some packages.

Packet writing requires installation of a lower level driver to detect the insertion of the disc & intercept windows, if it’s a writable disc. Potential issues right there, if ya think about it :wink:

And it commonly DOES cause issues, similar to what you are experiencing.

Only if you are using ancient software, Y2K pretty much washed it’s hand free of software still using the antiquated aspi layer though, so you shoudln’t need it.

However, you can use aspichk or nero infotool to get an insight on whats up with the aspi layer. In a healthy system, the aspi layer should be incomplete, but the nero aspilayer is OK :wink:

No problemo.

Also, do you have any DVD player software, Creative Software, or DVD4Free or any other disc/player related software which might fire up when you insert a disc? :slight_smile:

Start->Run … “msconfig” + enter
Startup ->

Tell us what you’ve got in there too, and we might be able to pick a few potential nasties :wink: