Inserting Blank Disk Error!

get the following what do you want windows to do box when inserting blank dvdrs. can not select anything or change to always do the selected action???

That’s because the disk is blank!

yes i know smart asse but there is no options to do anything??? never used to happen with old burner

if were you i would just run the burning software and do whatever thats what i always do,btw if youll put a blank cd in while burning software is running that autorun menu will not appear,regarding the old burner that isnt related at all its a software problem not hardware

try the folowing if it really disturbs you,
a) right click “my computer” goto hardware>>device manager
expand “dvd/cd-rom drives” and right click the drive and click “uninstall” and restart

b) i doubt it will help but you got nothing to lose by tryin ,install forceaspi get it from

c) other then that got nothing else to offer except a repair install heres a guide

Windows doesn’t support dvd recordable media properly so the action from post#1 will give nothing.

The only useful way is to use a proper burning app with such media.