Inserting an endless loop?

Hi there,

let’s say I want to split a dvd9 to 2 DVD+Rs, cos the main movie is very long.

Is it possible to insert a “Insert DVD 2” message (e.g. with an rotating DVD) at the end of the DVD and a “Continue movie” intro on the second dvd ?

Regards Monty

Looking for something similar. I have a seven minute video that I want to play (repeat) continuously for up to two hours or thereabouts. Is there any way to do this?


Dvd Shrink has some inserts you might want to play with.

There are a number of DVD authoring programs that will allow you to use video clips for a menu background. This would loop continuously. You could set the initial action to play the main title, then set the final action to start the menu.

As for the OP question, since you’re re-authoring anyway, anything is possible if you import the movie parts into an authoring program.

@Jacks9, I don’t see how your post relates to the OP. The OP’s post is about splitting and inserting images, yours is about endless loop.

There’s no need to reauthor anything. Just add a post command LinkPGCN PGC 1 to the title PGC, using PgcEdit, and you’re set. It will play endlessly.