Inserting a blank disk

When the tray pops and DVD Platinum asks me to insert a blank disk I usually have to hit “OK” very many times as well as open and close the drive door to get it to reconize the blank disk. Am I the only one who has this type problem? Is there a way for me to fx this. My auto disck detect seems to work fine with other windows aplications.

Thanks :wink:

Next to your pointer arrow you should see a small disc flash several times then an our glass as it is reconizing the disc. If you wait a second or two after the hour glass flashes than click OK it should start.

Has my friend Ron has pointed out just wait a little longer before clicking OK :smiley:
If your system seems to be running slow then it will take a little longer for it recognize the disc in the drive.
also when was the last time you did a clean-up of your system :confused:

I always wait until the light become solid on my BenQ. Some burners will blink until recognized then turn off.

Yea I see the little disk appear, but usually if I don’t start clicking ok before that disk appears, I then have to pop the disk out and put it back again.

I keep my system cleaned up pretty good (knock on keyboard). I have register cleaning programs and I keep the clutter cleaned. My system responds pretty quickly. When I rip it has hit up to speeds of 17 mb/sec and and average disk can be ripped in 5 min and burner in 7 min.

Hi Flopguy. With the unbelieveable read speeds you are getting your drive may have some caching software that is making the startup process not work correctly. You might also try disabling the read ahead cache in Common Settings–>Read in DVDFab.