Insert subtitles into a DVD

I just started looking into how to insert subtitles into a DVD, or for the sake of simplicity modify existing ones (it would seem that could be easier to begin with). This idea came about as I was thinking on how to insert subtitles of a language that is not available with the DVDs that I have. I have been looking around on doom9 and apparently they have guides on say how to insert subtitles into a divx or xvid video but not vob files (at least my impression so far). I guess I can use the how to rip subtitles section, but how do you insert them? Anyone has attempted this before? Do you know of a guide I can find somewhere on the web? Oh yes I am looking at freeware right now as this is just a starting mini hobby (if I can call it that). In the meanwhile I’ll keep looking. Thanks

You can’t actually insert subs into a .vob, however, you can reauthor, and add subs during the authoring process.
DVDLab Pro will do this easily.

Right, the idea is that I am making a backup. I did find guides to LabPro, which is not a free tool. I don’t care much about those 30day evals.

At least it’s not a crippled eval :smiley:
I think PCGEdit might do it.

I convert text based subtitles to DVD subtitles by first converting to ssa format and then using MaestroSBT to create subtitles I can import in DVDMaestro. I’m not sure if it is possible to create DVD subtitles to DVD-lab Pro but I would like to know how if it is possible.

Another option is convert with srt2sup and then author with IFOEdit.


DvdLab Pro actually directly uses the text based subs with timecodes as I have tried them. All you have to do is decide the frame you want to display the subs from and for how long Or you could directly import the srt format /ssa format to the Sub editor in DLP. OR if the text file already has the timecodes integrated then these too can be imported directly.

Hope this helps.

Thanks all for the recommendations. I am working with VoBedit/srt2sup/IfoEdit right now. It’s working well, it just takes so long to translate the subtitles.

I have followed a similar approach (DVD decrypter, VSRip, SubToSup, Txt2Sup, Ifoedit, IFOUpdate) and managed to add subtitles, however the resulting DVD playback is jerky (it’s like loosing frames). The original dvd was NTSC and the subtitles added were 25 frames converted into 29.97 and then syncronyzed. Any ideas why does this happen?

DVDlabPRO works fine, but it deletes the original menu. I only want to insert subtitles. I don’t want to delete the menu. How can I do this?