Insert media?

I use dvdfab platinum with the current update. Lately when I copy a dvd I choose either main or full disk. It is copied to the HD, the disk is ejected and I wait for it to ask to insert media and it never does. Is it a setting or some other issue?

Hi clearskies
Are you selecting your burner as the “Target” before you click start or is your HDD selected as Target :confused:
If you select the DVD burner then it should ask you :cool:

Burner is selected before and the file goes into a temp dir.

Are you also using the burner to do the reading :confused: after it eject the tray it should ask you to insert media :confused:

Yes, thats the problem. read with the burner, eject, and wait for it to ask to insert media and most of the time it dosen’t. on rare occasions it does. It is like the program locks up and I need to end task to get out. I can save the iso file directly to the HD and then do a seperate burn but prefer to do as one opperation.

May I ask :confused: …When you select the burner as the Target on the right side of the dropdown window there are two buttons one fore VIDEO_TS type and one for ISO image file which one are you selecting :confused:
If you are copying as ISO then you should also select it for the Target type

when dvdfab opens it has the burner selected already and I just click start, I don’t specify a file type or place.

On one of my PCs I get the same thing once in a while. If I push the empty tray back in it comes back to life and asks for the blank. Don’t know if that will work for you, but worth a try. If you have anything running in the background, turn it off.

thanks, I’ll try that