Insert gamedisk? I did! HELP



Can anyone help me? I've copied Need for speed4 and installed it on my dad's PC. The installation works perfectly but when I try to run the game I get the message "please insert gamedisk". What the F*** is this. The damn disk is in the CDROMDRIVE.

Why doesnt it work?
thanx in advance,



I u have made a backup copy of the cd it could be that your CD Writer hasn’t been able to copy the Cd’s Protection properly. It may be possible to use a NO-CD crack u should be able to get as well as info on creating a full working copy of the game on this site; . There could also be another crack like the one i had for Unreal: Tournament it did the same thing 2 me, kept asking me for the CD. All i did was go to the above site and downloaded a patch which replace the original .EXE file, in my case i had to overwrite the UnrealTournament.exe file with the replacement patch that i downloaded. Look out for the COPY CD# or similar file. Any probs with this e-mail me and i’ll try and find a patch 4 u. Good Luck.

Ch5 Micky


The site is actually


Check ! There you will find the sollution! (A crack or something!)
good luck!


I had the same trouble while I had a copy WITH the cracked execute file. The solution I found was overwriting the config.dat file with someoneelse’s file, or one I downloaded somewhere, after that I didn’t have this trouble anymore, very very strange…