Insert DVD media

After copying any movie to hd into the temp dir of dvdfab platinum I get this insert dvd media into drive but no matter what type of media it is, dvdfab cannot see it. I had to close out of dvdfab and restart it again and goto write files for it to work properly. Where in 3208 beta it would write to temp folder, ask for media in drive, and would write the files to blank media without restarting and going to write files and then burn it. I always use verbatim dvd media and also tried ty with the same result. Seem’s to be a glitch in 3210. Not complaining just giving some info. on what I have exp. Great Program and keep up the great work! :clap:

Maybe we can help you here, what movie is that you are trying to backup? Does this happen with every movie?

Since upgrading to 3210 I have exp. this problem with every movie I try and backup. I have only one drive and it is a burner with the newest firmware. Since this is an issue with 3210 now I go and backup the dvd to my hd first then use write files to burn the backup onto dvd media (verbatim or ty only). This works everytime but I use to just copy dvd, then would ask for blank media to be inserted into drive, then burn it. Was less steps that way. This is not a big issue since you can copy to hd first then use write files and all is good. I just miss the shortcut way, that’s all.