Insektors v1.1

I installed insectors to remove safedisk v2 and it patched the file.
When I installed the driver and rebooted my Plextor CD writer will not recognize on my system. So I remove the Driver and it still won’t come back. Somebody please help I have done all I can think of to get the Writer to show up to no avail. I thought the drive had gone bad but it worked on my other system till I installed Insectors on that system.

I am now getting a windows error that says that the drive isnt connected but it is and it worked till after the insektors install.

Old software ‘methods’ are dead unless updated.

Start here. You don’t need Insectors with your Plex.

I have already uninstalled Insektors but I can’t get my system to re-recognize my writer. Can someone tell me how to get my writer to come back. Insektors has burned me bad. I am using windows XP pro SP1 on both affected comps.