Insektors messed up my CD ROM

Insektors messed up my cd rom when i installed it’s small driver thing. after i installed the driver, windows refuses to load the driver for my regular cd rom and it stopped detecting it. when i uninstalled the driver and the program, my cd rom still didn’t worked. i reinstalled and uninstalled my cd rom, physicaly and with the software. i even upgraded the firmware. no luck. can someone please tell me why my cd rom still doesn’t work after Insektors? i’m using windows 2K (Insektors is compatiable with it), goldstar 8322b cd rom (32x), pentium III 1ghz and about 390 mb of RAM. email me at if u can help.
thank you

You may be missing the aspi drivers for 2000. Do a search on one of the web engines for forced aspi. if you cant find it,
pm me and I will get it to you.