Insektor v1.0 SafeDisk 2 Backup Support

I just posted the article Insektor v1.0 SafeDisk 2 Backup Support.

  • SAFEDISC 1 NEEDS a RAW Compatible CD Writer (in SAO or DAO mode) to make perfect backups.

  • SAFEDISC 2 can’t be perfectly backuped in any way.

InseKtor solves all the hardware…

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This news is quite old I believe… Maybe soon all our problems with SD2 will be solved with DiscDump. Any news on that (NB)?

Yea … this is very old news !! what about the new version of DiscDump, when will it be out ?? Really need it for my 16x Plextor burner !

Why all this talk about Safedisk 2? I use Unsafedisc 2 by R!sC and this proggy does all the work! Ok, it takes some of your precious time but you will have a totally safediscfree-CD which you can use everywhere… No need for loaders, mempatchers or whatever.

hmmmmmm … how do you that program ? I already downloaded it but nobody talks about it so I just haven’t tried it … What program do you use to make the IMAGE of the SAFEDISC 2 protected game ? Really need some answers A.S.P. so I can duplicate some SD2’s on my Plextor 16x burner!

Where can I get this Unsafedisc program at?? Can anyone give anymore info about it? Thanks! Brad

It’s quite simple. You don’t need a program to make the image. You just make a flat copy of the CD to your harddisk (i.e. D:Ra2). Then use the Dumper.exe to find the files that are protected (i.e. installRa2.exe and setupSetup.exe) and convert them to .bin files. The safediscprotection is now completely deleted! Next step is converting the .bin files back to .exe files. Therefore use the Builder.exe. Now copy the newely made files over the old ones (Builder gives them another name, so rename them to the original filenames first!) and burn baby burn with Nero or Gear or Easy CD Creator or whatever you use! You now have a totally Safediscfree safetybackup of your original CD! It really works!!! TIP: if you are not completely sure of what you are doing, first use a CDRW to test your project. Have Phun :4

Sorry, but it seems that I can’t use the backslash. So please read: - D:Ra2 as d:{backslash}Ra2 - setupSetup.exe as…well U know now :slight_smile: