Insektor - a Friendly BUG - version available

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Last year we reported about an utility which helps u to play backups of most copy protected CDs: Insektor. It got many attention whether it did or did not work. Anyway gravurecity told us there is…

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I think it’s an emulator like daemon tools… if you use d-tools no need for it.

Yes it’s a memory resident driver which fools the protection (you have to patch the image too).

NEVER USE THIS VERSION!!! It detects winxp as win98/me and installs the wrong driver. result: all cdrom/dvd drives disappear. if this happens to you, search in the registry for the string “lower filters”, click on it and delete the word “insectxp”. then go back to version 2.0

[QUOTE]Insektor - a Friendly BUG - [QUOTE] <Groans>

When I install, it says version 1.1, is this supposed to happen?

For me the 2.1 version shows 2.0 And my detected system is “jpeg file type” As said by WRFan, only use version 2.0

right, I get “jpeg file type” on win98 and “win98/me” on winxp. I think the guy who did the update had gone mad or something. maybe it’s an april joke in July crazy