Insektor 3 and Blindwrite 4.2


any one can give feedback on various system about the couple InsekTor 3 and Blindwrite ?
InsekTor 3 was released with the latest version available of BWA builder.
A new version of Blindwrite for 1:1 copy of safedisk is expected tonight but at this time you can already play your cd using insektor and a bwa created from the original or a .mds file.

I was very excited about testing this new Insektors release but I came on this text in the readme :

The current driver is compatible ONLY with Win2000/XP. The driver for Win98 will be coded later IF there is enough request for it.

Well , at least, I am requesting it…
Do you know when it will be available ?

Another thing : Insektors 3 comes with a new version of the BWA builder (
I tested this one on my securom 4 protected newerwinter nights CD and obtain this funny graph :

I stopped the analysis after 20 minutes because it was going nowhere (i tested twice : same problem).
With the “old” version of BWA builder (the one included in BW 4.2) there is no problem at all (same drive, same speed, same system, etc.) :

Does anybody know if this Insektors also works with the newest Securom Version and ProtectCD 5?


yes for securom.
but we need your confirmation.

why i should use insector - ??? :rolleyes:

is not only hidding the atip information - which i dont need.

Blindwirte with BWA Builder works fine with Liteon40125W (read and write)

played UT 2003 Copy from NEC 5800DVD and Hitachi DVD7500