Insanely Slow CD Xfer/Play



Hi all, recently i’ve been having problems playing and transfering CD’s to my computer. Its like the driver is all messed up. When i try to transfer the CD my computer gets all slow and jerky, it can’t play any graphics or sound. When i try and play the CD it comes out all jerky as well, my primary IDE Controller is set to DMA if available and my secondary is as well, but my secondary says that the current xfer mode is PIO, dunno if that has anything to do with it.

I run Windows XP on a Dell Inspirion and have like 2 gigs of ram, my computer should not be slowing down to xfer a single CD. It seems very much like a driver problem and i’d appreciate any suggestions, post if u need more information.


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PIO Mode is definitely what you don’t want, and is probably causing this problem.

See the link in my signature (“How to check/enable DMA”) - in one of the linked posts, there’s a file called “resetdma.vbs” - download and run that.

If it finds any channels to reset to UDMA Mode, it will do so, and ask for a reboot. After that, hopefully it should be fine. :slight_smile:



You guys are gods. Lmao. I went through and manually tried to change everything but not unexepectedly i must have missed something. Oooh thx a bunch.


This has been driving me nuts, but its all fixed now. Awesome. Haha. I’m a CS/SE major, been programming since middle school but ironically enough i don’t know anything about my computer. Lol. Or about windows.

T u very much.



Hehe, glad it’s fixed :smiley: