at 10:35am this morning i decrypted a dvd that came in around 8.2 gig

i started ratting it at 10:40am using 100 for good quality.

13 and a half hours later, it’s just completed 72%.

I’m expecting a final conversion time of around EIGHTEEN HOURS - probably more.

I appreciate it’s the first release, but i’d respectfully suggest that optimising the conversion process needs to be his top priority - imdb tagging is a cute feature but totally unecessary.


Please post specifications of your Computersystem!
On my Machine the Process takes between 4 and 8 hours…

2.0 GHz P4 Northwood
768 MB DDR 266 RAM


I’ve got a sempron 2200 that runs around 1.5ghz and 192mb ram

i average around 7 or 8 hours for a normal disk


Hhm, when you’re running WindowsXP, you need to realize that 192MB RAM is to less memory! Furthermore sepmron cpu’s are’nt very powerful…


if i could afford more ram, i’d get some :smiley:

although i’m reasonably happy with 7 or 8 hours turnaround time, just thought eighteen hours was a little excessive :smiley: