Insane Yuden Deal --- Is this legit?

I was browsing on ebay and I found this Do you think this is legit yuden media? Look at how cheap that is, is anyone brave enough to try it?

I would try it if the shipping wasn’t $15…

Very difficult to say… The price really seems to be extremely cheap for TYs. But the seller already has 9000+ positive comments, so i would risk it and buy them or at least ask the seller if they are genuine TYs.

They are absolute shit - I was conned into buying 250 of these fit-for-the skip trash. I left feedback about a month ago for the first 50, my ebay handle was luxopixar.

The first 50 arrived in a broken box (fair enough to the UK airmail), but the contents are crap - wish I had a digi-camera. Nearly all had scruff marks on top and bottom, some had writing on the inner hub, and there was a fly caught between 2 discs!!!

The other 200 were ordered before I received these 50 as I believed Koda’s bullshit claims of brand new TY. These are slightly better - about 20 discs out of the 200 have little or no scrpaes / writing / othr marks. The rest are badly scratched or scuffed, and 3 or 4 have writing on. Of the 20 ‘better’ ones, one causes a ‘calibration error’ in my NEC (writes perfectly to TY, Verbs, Maxells (TY), etc. 3 have been used for archiving stuff off disc and tested all green. The first 50 all went in the bin - some %30-80 of the scans was red !!!

They are either fakes, factory damaged crap, crap, or some other s**t. Do not buy from Koda - they seem to sell lots of cheap rubbish and often supply bad stuff.

I posted the above to a TY thread some weeks back. I emailed a guy who bought some and left a very positive response. He emailed back saying he left that before checking the goods (!!!) - and found they were similar to how I described them. Wish I had the email, but trashed all to do with Koda Trading - b**tards.

In the UK you can by 1st rate brand new TY dye dvdr media from svp (verbatum pastels) and (-r 100’s and +R Maxell’s now £16 for 25 - these are great media. Not much more than the absolute crap from Koda.

Here’s part of an email I send Koda - never got a reply.

Ref item : 5103391296

I just recieved this first tub of 50 supposedly brand new TY DVD+R’s. They are not new by any means - scratched on top and bottom, many have numbers writen on them, and there was even a fly trapped between some disks - this is unbelievable. Unfortunately I ordered another 200 from you which you just started shipping - I hope these are new and not more junk.

Can you please explain how an Ebay premium seller can advertise items as brand new and send used, scruffed, and downright 3rd rate goods???


That’s shocking to me. I was looking at the page yesterday and I was also wondering if they are real TY media. Anyway, I rather discouraged one member from buying the supposed TY disks and instead offered my own disks because t02 media at seemed temporarily out of stock. :slight_smile:

CD Freaks does not endorse buying media from Ebay.

Found the reply from the other sucker conned into buying from Koda - now that TY is more readily available (albeit for fairly good prices), but most importantly available in the UK, buying from sharletons is foolish.

Re: Message from eBay Member regarding TY / Koda auctions
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 15:47:21 -0700

Dear Luxopixar,

After examining the discs, mine look much like you describe. Scratches, smudges, sticky substances, etc on the underside of most discs. I left feedback after I received them, but before I had examined them. I’ve written them an E-mail about it, but have yet to receive a reponse. I will definitely not buy from this person again, however. I guess too good to be true was correct here…


This is making feel a little better, I bought a 50 pack of the DVD-R 's from these guys, any many of the disks have visual flaws. So far I have 10 coasters and 5 decent burns on my nd-2500a. I was starting to think that my new burner was crap. All my Cd Speed scans are perfect until the last 500mb, then I get unrecoverable read errors. DVD info shows them at TY01’s but I guess something else is going on here…

I advise you guys not to buy TY from ebay. They’re all fakes.
I bought some a few months back from another seller and they were crap.
It took me another month to get my money back (minus shipping) through paypal.