Insane problem with ripping speeds and the 1633! (detailed! please read!)

ok, well first off, ive been having this discussion on another form for a while now and none of us can get any where with it, so before it get into this, im gonna copy and paste my posts from that thread into here.

1 hour total to rip and burn (rips on average about 2500-3000 kbps :confused: )

ultra dma 2 enabled

ive tried using 3 different firmwares. oem, 12x omni patched version, and the 16x rip hack. when burning in the program, my speeds always stay the same though despite the changes.

in nero dvd speed, with the 16x hack, ive tested up to 14x, and the drive is spinnin like crazy,

when i go to rip in any program (nero, nero recode, dvd shrink, clone dvd, dvd decryptor, dvd x copy)

it spins up like it would for the speed test when it was gonna read really fast, then around 3%, it stops spinnin and goes really slow (and only does this when trying to rip, doesnt do this in the speed test) and remains to go slow and quiet for the rest of the rip (2500-3000kbps ish)

this happes with ALL discs, pressed, copied, every thing.

ive tried running nero drive speed in teh back ground set at maxium - no change

tried runnin any dvd - fastest read settings - no change

heres a snap shot from when i had the 12x firmware installed, speed test

and heres some snap shots from dvd shrink and dvd decryptor with the same firmware that i tested that on

ive tried killing all but vital processes, and i just formatted my computer. same result before and after format.

latest bios

all latest chipset drivers

i am lost. thanks for reading. ive been putting so much time into trying to fix this and im getting no where. PLESE HELP!

cant edit posts here :?

also, i have a 80 wire ide cable installed, and the 1633 is master.

cant see any of the other posts here…it would be a lot more helpful if you put your hardware list up.
first initial thing i would say is what chipset…you say ya have latest chipset drivers etc…if its an nforce or via board i would start with removing the ide controllers and reverting back to microsoft ones. this can be the cause of many reading writing errors and speed problems with liteons.
please post a full hardware list for more informed comments.

I’m not sure I see a problem here. Ripping is CPU-intensive and HDD-intensive, so there are other factors at play. And Nero Recode and DVD Shrink re-encode the movie, which slows things down a lot…

xdjoynerx, I can see from this pic you have Norton AV installed and running.

I donno know about your settings, but try to disable/remove NAV and check your ripp-speeds again.
UDMA-2 is sufficient…


BTW, what kinda memory management are you using.

The 1633 should show up as Ultra DMA 4 – mine is a 1213S@1633S and when I flashed it to 1633 it switched from DMA 2 to DMA 4. (In fact, I originally had problems getting the firmware upgrade to work and wound up flashing back and forth between 1213S and 1633S, and each time I did that, the Ultra DMA mode changed accordingly, all by itself.)

Now, if that is the problem, I don’t know how to fix it, because mine switched DMA modes on its own and if it hadn’t, I don’t know what I would have done.

Here’s a thought – my 1633 is also master, but it’s on its own IDE channel (I have my other optical drive as master on the secondary IDE channel.) If you have a slower (DMA 2 device) as slave on the same channel as the 1633, would that make the 1633 run at DMA 4?

i tried just hooking it up by its self, and i believe it still said udma 2.

my hardware is

1633 burner
amd athalon 2.1ghz 2700+
512 ddr
7200rpms 80gb hd
msi 6712 main board

the biggest thing that gets me, (and this applies to no matter what firmware im using)

why when i run tests with dvd speed, the drive spins up to a really fast read speed, and stayes there.

but when i go to rip with any program, in spins up really fast,like its gonna kep on going, then at 3% (no matter what disc), it stops spinnin and just reads at like 2x

That is a strange problem. I have the same drive and i was able to rip a single layer pressed in around 5 min… im set to DMA mode 4… if you are set to master then make sure that the blue end of the IDE cable is the one in the mother board… also make sure that you are connected to the END of the cable not the middle. and last thing… try loading aspi drivers. the only sure place i know of to get them is doom9s dvd2svcd page. if you are gonna try the aspi then run the bat then run the exe other wise youll get error. hope this helps… this drive has been awsome for me so far… i can burn a 4.3 gig movie to DVD+R in a little over 7 min @8X. it took me less than 15 min to backup one of my older dvds. i did aurther its just under 4.3 gigs so no compression…

blue end it connected to the board, and the drive is connected to the end of the cable.

ill try what you said and report back

i installed the aspi stuff for xp from that link you sent me and its still doing the same thing.

the first 2%, it spins up and goes really fast (it went up past 10k) then at like 3% it just stopped spinnin and went back to 3000 kbps ish :confused:

In looking at that pic you posted i had a thought… y dont you try to rip with smartriper or something else… just to see if you can get a fast rip… then use what ever that is that says encodeing… a friend of mine is having a problem with dvdshrink at the moment… so try a few other pieces of SW jsut t oget a baseling for rip speeds of your DVDs

P.S. smartrip a DL DVD should take around 10min… if i use dvd2one it takes around 15 min with another 7 min to burn or so… so on a dl (DVD9) little more than 30 min start to finish

nero, nero recode, dvd shrink, clone dvd, dvd decryptor, dvd x copy

i tried all those so i doubt smart rip will help, but ill give it a shot. cant hurt any thing.

currently ripping at 1.5x with smartripper :confused: :confused:

may have answered this already… but is the burner the only thing on thats IDE cable?

i just looked i have a liteon DVD-ROM as well and its at UDMA mode 2 but i am able to get up to 8x rips with that… so you really got me stumped on that one. ill keep at it…

currently, i have a cd burner on there as slave also, but i hooked it up by its self last night with no change.

i jsut did a test with the 1633 on a single layer dvd… attached is the screen cap. i did the same test with my ROM drive with slower results but similar… around 9x max… still looking into this this was with smart riper… i had the exact same speed with dvd decript