Insane c1/c2 errors

hey guys,
im very new to this forum but i have been lurking a bit for the last few hours, anyway im about too flash my liteon 40125s, i dont think there should be a problem il update ya in about 5 minutes :smiley:

but anyway ive been runnign some tests only recently and i get wayy way way way to many errors, my c1 errors sometimes go over like 280000 in total! and there is alot of c2 errors at the end of the disk too, is this drive just generally shit house? i thought it was good when i got it shrug should i trade it in for the 52?, all the media i backup as im sure most of you understand is pretty important too i really need to have the backup, and its a shame to think ive used 100s upon 100s of cds with these shitehouse results…

umm anyway im using these magmedia cds at the moment (australia) but i also have some TDK gold and there were some Mistubishi Chemical ones around where i live too, unfortounatly these are my only choices, ive been alternating between them when i buy spindels for a while but which one do you guys reckon i should go for the TDK?

also sorry one last n00b question, if i use nero drive speed to suss out the c1/c2 errors do i set the read speed to whatever i burnt the cd at? or maximum?

also with all the high errors ive been getting is my cd media pretty much going to be fked? im thinking of buying a big fk off hard drive and unloading it all just to be carefull…



ive updated my lite-on 40125s to the 48125W,
all my cds come out with cyclic redundency errors :frowning: even before i updated to this new firmaware,
any ideas?