Inquiring on new DVD burner purchase

Hey everyone,

I have been going through some of the threads in this forum because I am interested in picking up a new burner. I am pretty satisfied with the first one I chose, the Lite-On SHM-165H6S, however I think the drive is starting to go.

(The drive is locking up when trying to eject and takes many ejects to get it to open. It sounds like it is spinning and trying to read even though nothing is in there. Any advice on this will help as well :D)

So here is the question. I am debating on just picking up another SHM-165H6S or getting 1 of these two other drives: Optiarc AD-7200S or Pioneer 215D. From reading through the forums either of these drives seem like good choices. Anything that I should know before making the dive? Pros, Cons etc?

Thanks guys I have been a long time reader just not a frequent poster.

bump… can anyone comment on these 3. Thanks.

Both the Optiarc and Pioneer burners you have picked out are SATA interface rather than the IDE interface of your older Lite-on drive. You may have a very hard time finding either of them, as they have been replaced by newer drives…the 216D and the 7220 series from Optiarc.

So, do you need a SATA drive or an IDE interface drive?

Thanks for the advice. It’s been awhile so I kind of forgot that my Lite-On was IDE :). However, it shouldn’t matter because my motherboard can handle either. I was able to find any of the 3 drives I listed using google, ebay etc so that shouldn’t be a factor.

Is the 216D or the 7220 as good as their predecessors? If not I see no reason to get the “latest” drive. 20x should be fast enough as a lot of media is not even rated that high yet and you get better quality burns at lower speeds for a lot of drives.

Thanks for answering my question :smiley:

FYI not all chipsets work correctly with SATA optical drives. Silicon Image and Intel chipsets work with SATA optical drives while VIA and some others don’t. I’d stay with IDE drive unless you’re sure your system will work with SATA optical drives or you want to get a PCI SATA adapter. Optiarc 7200A and Pioneer 116D are IDE versions of the drives you list.

Thanks for that bit. It is something that I was overlooking.

Is there anything that would make one of these stand out from the other?

If you can find them I would choose a Samsung 203B or 203N SATA drive, a Pioneer 115 or 215, or a Sony/Optiarc 7200 series. The Pioneer 116/216 are also viable choices.

Each has strengths…the Pioneers have a good rep for burning dual layer dvds, but my particular 203B matches my 215L in this. The Samsungs are quieter and are good with both dvds and cds if that is a concern. The Samsung is also a good reader. I haven’t any direct experience with the Optiarc, but you have probably read a fair amount about them here in the forums where they get uniformly good reviews from users.

The only one mentioned I would avoid would be the new Optiarc 7220 series drives.

Thanks guys. I just pulled the trigger on a AD-7200A (IDE) drive. After looking into the 203B and N it was tempting to go that route but in the end decided for the optiarc.

Sorry, off topic, but any idea about my Lite-on drive bay not wanting to open? I have to hit the eject button many many times to get it to open and the software eject button in windows seems to work better for some reason. Also the forced eject with a metal pin obviously works. When hitting the eject button it just seems like it is constantly trying to read or seek even though there is no disc in it.

Thanks again for the help.

You might try cleaning and lubricating the rails on the LiteOn. I’ve not done this myself, but I’ve seen posts where others had success with it.