Input on another Dual DVD Burner I just found by Optorite

I was just reading on’s front page about a dual burner by Accesstek at
I couldn’t find any other info about it online, other than the link from doom9, but I did find what appears to be the same burner from Optorite with the same specs and model number at I found this burner for purchase for $277 at

My question to the forum is have any of you had experience with this burner or Optorite products. I found a few reviews of Optorite CD Burners, but that is all. I am encouraged that they have BurnProof tech in these things, but I would like to hear from someone if possible.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:


I checked CDRLabs for reviews, but I didn’t think to look in their forums.


Anybody tested HD-BURN?

Looks like the Optorite DD0203 is available now for $290:
“Availability:Usually ships in 2~3 days”

Pictures of the drive and package (which seems to include a 4x DVD+R by Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile: ) is available here.

Here in San Diego a local merchant has these in stock as of
yesterday. They received 10 and had 3 left ($300.00)
Trying to get any information on these drives seems too
difficult. They’re powered by Sanyo hardware, but the Optprite site is really! lame with very little info other than picutures.
That always concerns me as far as firmware or any
other support that might be needed.
Link below has info on the latest generation of DVD burners.

BTW: PC Club in San Diego has the Multi Lite-On for
$330.00…bit pricey for me.

Yes it’s been confirmed that it’s a Sanyo CRD-BPDV2 OEM version, check this post by Battousai @ the firmware page.

I am seriously considering purchasing this drive, but I have not heard anything good about this player. (I find the HD burn very tempting)

There is a breif thread at cdrlabs about it:

It concludes basically that the engineering sample still had bugs. That was as of April 23, it has only been a week or two, and the drive appears to be shipping.

Has anyone heard anything more about it? Do you actually have one?

Indeed HD-Burn seems like a wonderful idea!

But there aren’t any comprehensive info around about compatabilty with other readers and this site looks like having dated info, it isn’t really practical. How about any progress made support-wise, names, dates even?

However having a staggering 1.4GB of data on regular CD, even if it’s read solely by your own drive is still tempting :wink:
Hey your leeching “friends” won’t be able to copy your CDs heheheh :a what a better CD-Protection!
Only worries when it breaks down :eek:

i have an optorite DD203, which burns dvd-rs with nero 6 fine, but they don’t play on my schneider 857 player…

any suggestions, do you think its the joliet problem as discussed