InPhase starts shipping 300GB holographic storage

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InPhase Technologies has finally brought its holographic storage drives and media to the market with the shipping of 300GB holographic storage disks and its Tapestry HDS-300R. The HVD drive…

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Finally it’s out (nasty price!), now where is DNF?

“50-year archival life” - how do they know ??

i would stick with magnetic tape over this 300gbyte disks; however, with that much money to burn, maybe, i would be running file servers with redundancy + tape backups & save tons of money

ummm… at last!!! some good news to hear… despite the high prices and the complications of a trustworthy archival life… it’s just a good step forward :slight_smile: much better than this stupid blue laser war!!! :B

What the hell is wrong you people? Its discs, not disks. Unless you are referring to floppies. Get with the program.

oh just cut it, besides, wtf is up with those prices…

@ DBE Yeah, where is Duke Nukem Forever? :frowning: