InPhase plans to launch holographic disc storage in 2006



I just posted the article InPhase plans to launch holographic disc storage in 2006.

  Just when 

Blue laser optical drives are getting ready to start shipping later this year, InPhase expects to launch a Tapestry holographic drive by the end of 2006. Like Blu-Ray and…

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ah now we’re getting somewhere with some [I]real[/I] storage, not the silly discs we’re playing around with now as said in the article, holographic storage has been a mindbaby for over a decade and I can’t wait to see some real results :slight_smile: and after holographic storage, organic computing! there can still be Star Trek in my lifetime :smiley:


where’s the holographic hard drives damnit?!


Will this come with scratch and sniff technology as well ???..:B…:X


interesting development but this doesn’t sound particularly speedy or cheap or very robust yet. Maybe in 10 years. By which time storage better not be an issue for most of us, I hope.


I’d like 2 c how Verbatim reacts to this!! :d


A nice Black Box.


Bit big mind you :stuck_out_tongue: It reminds me of the huge HP DAT external tape drive compared to the size of the answering machine sized tape. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d love to see the final internal version (if they do make one) as it will be really squeezing the size limits as the halographic disc size is 10mm wider than CDs. :wink:


can i just have an affordable DVD+R DL disc please?! :g


The information on those discs must be held together by magic.


I am pissed off right now with all this new technology - I just got a call this morning from a client to whom I have produced many DVDs, and now he wants me to transfer his stuff on BluRay and Holographic storage, are they nuts ??? What the hell!