Inordinate conversion time for Divx toDVD




I am a newbie here in the conversion game, and I have been using DivX to DVD converter and Copy toDVD fairly successfully with helpful support from various places, but a new problem recently came up when trying to convert a movie with DivX to DVD.

The movie arrived in 2 folders, CD1 and CD2. Each had about 30 dmt WinRAR archive files, each named dmt-filename-cd1 in one folder, and dmt-filename-cd2 in the other. From what I had experienced before, these files were identical (at least in each folder), so I extracted one of each using WinRAR to the desktop and got two files in WMV format named the same, but of course expanded. I opened DivX to DVD and attempted to convert them to DVD format. Normally this process takes an hour or two, but the time remaining moved up to 4 hours…after 8 hours, there was no real progress.

I aborted and successfully converted and copied another movie, so I can’t figure out what went wrong here…any ideas?