INOi Media HardDrive MH720-00320 Review

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The INOi Media HardDrive is a fantastic media storage device; it allows you to play most Video, Audio and Photo formats directly on your television.

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This is pretty awesome. I bought the 750GB version and am ripping all of my DVDs on to it. I’ve put 9+GB of music and thousands of photos. The all play back very well and the adaptation to 720P works well for video and photos. Complaints: The UI is very simple which is nice for handling a few things but it’s tedious with hundreds and thousands. I had to arrange things in an expanded multlevel directory structure to compensate. I’m sure there’s a linux kernal in there so they should improve it or let the hackers have at it! It will hang on a file that it can’t decode. So far everytime I’ve found that the original file was corrupted. It also seems to run a bit hot too. Conclusion: It’s great. I’ve chucked the Media PC from the living room and I’m going to get another one of these for the bedroom! Neil


No screen shots of the TV GUI?