INOi (Argosy) MP180 MP3 player problem, help!



Probably not many people have this mp3 player, but I still got to give it a shot. I got a INOi MP180 at CompUSA during the black friday sale. It started having problem last night. When I unplug the usb cable it wouldn’t get out of the PC connection mode. (Normally when I disconnect the USB cable it will tune off automatically) I have to poke the reset pinhole to reset it. And it just keep doing that every time I plug in the usb and press the first button on the top left now. And it won’t charge the battery even after I plugged it in. So, anyone have a similar problem with there INOi MP180? I guess I’m probably fcuked, I didn’t buy the extended warranty, INOi will probably make up some excuse and not cover it. Oh well, time to dig my Rio Cali back out. :(( :(( :((

Here’s the screen it’s stuck at. (After I pull the usb plug)

If I just plug in the USB cable without pressing the top left button, it should normally charge the battery, but now it just says the battery is full, but in fact the batt is near empty.