INOi 5.25" Firewire+USB2 External Enclosure - $16.32 AR + 20% Cashback From PayPal - NewEgg

Deals on Firewire+USB2 encosures are few and far between, so I thought I’d post this. NewEgg has an INOi combo 5.25" enclosure for $29.99 with a $20 rebate. UPS Ground shipping adds $6.33. However, if you pay with PayPal, you can get back 20% off your order, which will be at least $7.26. That covers the shipping, plus an extra dollar, so the enclosure ends up costing about $9.

PayPal 20% Cashback Promotion

Firewire+USB2 Enclosure (DW560C)

Rebate for DW560C

There is also a cheaper USB2-only version of the same enclosure:

USB2 Only Enclosure (DW560U)

Rebate for DW560U

Sounds like a good deal on the enclosure! I may order one, too.

There’s some other decent deals at NewEgg with the 20% cash back from PayPal - got a couple of new DVD burners I’d been wanting, the Optiarc 7190 OEM for $24.99 (must be an email alert subscriber for the free shipping on this one) and the LiteOn 20A4P retail for $29.99 both with free shipping. Will end up costing $43.99 shipped after the cash back - not bad for a couple of new 20X burners.

The maximum payback on the 20% cash back from PayPal is $50 ($250 in total purchases using PayPal as the means of payment from selected merchants) - still with it there’s some bargains on drives, media , enclosures, etc.

Just A warning… Every rebate that I have sent to “CITY OF INDUSTRY CA.” I’ve had to fight for to receive. Hopefully things have gotten better there now. If you will notice they had no phone number or email address listed on the rebate form.


Dang i was hoping to find a e-sata 5.25" enclosure.

Anyone know of a good one? I have a Galaxy, what a pos, it’s going back to the egg.

Opps sorry negritude didn’t mean to hijack!

I have a Galaxy and works great for me with my lappy and my desktop.

Cheap made but it works fine for me. Even calling their support and got a person to talk to right off.

[QUOTE=MegaDETH;1940399]Dang i was hoping to find a e-sata 5.25" enclosure.[/QUOTE]

They don’t make that many of them. There are only two or three on NewEgg, so your choices right now are extremely limited.

The PayPal 20% off from NE has expired due to overwhelming orders that were put through.

Yikes that went fast, lucky I ordered my 22" HDPC lcd in time :wink:

[QUOTE=Rusty-USA;1940192]If you will notice they had no phone number or email address listed on the rebate form.[/QUOTE]

There are a lot of small electronics companies located in the City of Industry that do their own in-house rebate processing. Because of this, there can tend to be more problems with timely handling and disbursement than via outsourced rebates, but as long as you keep copies of all submitted materials, you shouldn’t have any major problems. Yes, they can be a little slow, and sometimes you do have to make a follow-up phone call or two, but you will get your rebate.

And INOi has their full contact information right on their web site:

15304 East Valley Blvd.
City of Industry, CA 91746
(626) 961-7236
(866) 339-4664

the paypal rebate dies the minutes after they announced it. Even it says till 11/28, you will not be getting the paypal rebate, it is dead

As for the enclosure, we do not know the chipset and thus not worth it to get it. If you use it for enclosing your drive, you might not get up to the maximum speed because the chip might not support faster than 16X burn. So Make sure you know the chip used inside the enclosure and make sure that chip supports up to 20X burn

I got in on the deal and got my PayPal cashback about two weeks after I bought the enclosure. Now I’m just waiting for the $20 rebate.

The chipset inside the enclosure is the Prolific PL-3507 Rev. C, which is well-known amongst the CDFreaks crowd. I’ve got mine working with an LG H10N that was cross-flashed to an external E10N.

Now I can seek burning advice on this baby from Arachne. :bigsmile:

FYI, I also got my $20 rebate, and quickly too. There is a new $20 rebate for the enclosure that lasts until the 31st of March.