Innovation in ransomware: cyber criminals now offer live chat support

We’ve just posted the following news: Innovation in ransomware: cyber criminals now offer live chat support[newsimage][/newsimage]

The ransomware business is quickly evolving, not only is the malware becoming more sophisticated, the criminals also try to serve their ‘customers’ more professionally. The criminals behind the Jigsaw ransomware now also offer live chat support.

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Their motto should be “Here at Criminals-‘r’-Us, we help you un-f**k your files with care.” Because, after all, even criminals are expected to be experienced, courteous, helpful people. This shows they care about you, that even thieves who are willing to steal huge quantities of money from you, after crippling your ability to do whatever it is you do on your computer, care. Isn’t that nice of them?

Don’t know where you’ve been, TSJnachos117, but RansomWare has become a legitimate business model now, what with the new RansomWare Help Desk and Live Chat Support.

Welcome to our Brave New World!

(Sarcasm on) Criminals with a smile!!!

Why don’t they do what the rest of us honest folks do, make an honest living?? (Sarcasm off)


I know the answer to my sarcastic question, they’re crooks.