[InkRepublic i-INK2 System vs efillink CIS] [dye vs pigment] compatibility and quality?


I just bought an Epson RX680 a few days ago. It’s a good printer but my main complaint would be that the ink is not very water resistant unless you use Epson’s photo paper. This is really annoying since my old CX4200 can print pages that I can pass through running water. I guess this is where the Hi-Definition Claria Inks is inferior to the DuraBrite inks and where the unending dye vs. pigment ink shines.

I saw efillink and InkRepublic are selling quality Continous Ink Systems (CIS) for the Epson RX680. InkRepublc has the option of going either Pigment or Dye. From what I’ve seen so far, the Epson RX680 is dye based.

I was hoping you guys can shed some light to my questions:

  1. Has anybody tried efillink and/or InkRepublic CIS? What can you say about them? Which is better?
  2. Has anybody tried using pigment inks on the RX680 or similar dye based printer? How was it? Advantages/Disadvantages? Risks?
  3. Are efillink and InkRepublic’s pigment inks resistant to water? How much resistant are they?
  4. What are the risks of installing efillink and InkRepublic’s CIS? Which is more idiot-proof?

Thank you. :bigsmile:

AFAIK, all the Claria inks are dye. I’d have to wonder how long the print head would last using pigment. In my tests of printable discs, I’d have to concur that the Epson inks are anything BUT permanent. But, using photo paper, I’ve not had any problems at all. I use Office Depot Premium Pro glossy paper.

I can’t speak to the CIS systems.

Would using dye over pigment inks prolong the printer head life?

[QUOTE=nifelseki;1951759]Would using dye over pigment inks prolong the printer head life?[/QUOTE]

The heads are designed for use with dye inks. I can’t say if these printers are any different, but the net abounds with stories of people destroying their print heads by using one type ink or the other in a printer not designed for it. I can only say that I wouldn’t do it unless I was prepared to replace the printer or head. Clogging would be the main issue, with a burn-out being the worst case scenario.

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I’ve been using this for a few years, and it has worked ALMOST flawlessly. Once maybe halfway thru the tank, a few bubbles appeared in the light cyan line, but that’s it.

My magenta is a little lower than the others & almost empty, so I’m considering this because it’s the cheapest way I’ve found to get decent bulk ink. The CIS itself is basically free. Meritline doesn’t seem to support the CIS they sold me last year - no refill kits for it, so I’d have to buy 6 $34ea. 1-liter bottles +sh.[quote=Sugarpuddin88;2159966]I wish I never got involved with these idiots![/quote]:rolleyes: WHICH idiots???