Inkjet Printing, I need some guidence

OK I just setup my Epson R320 a few days ago and Printed the free CD that came along with it.

It printed about 1/16" shy of the inner and outer border.

I then found some Maxell 8x Full Hub printables (Made in Japan so not a total loss).

The inner diamiter I had set to 20, that printed perfect!

The outer I moved out to 120 and that was still about 1/16" shy.

So do I just trial and error and keep moving it out?

Any other tips is greatly appreciated.

I had to do that with my R200, and whenever starting a new batch it is necessary to recalibrate. Each set of discs is coated slightly differently.

The adjustment of the print head is extremely accurate, so any measurements you make with a good ruler will be worth entering into the size adjustments of the CD/DVD printing program. Having said that it’s worth added a couple of millimetres and ‘overprint’ slightly to cope with disc-to-disc variation.

I just created a template for each brand I used when I first got my R200 and saved them by name, after measuring with a ruler. This saved re-calibration and wasting ink.

OK thanks, I will creat the templates.

MegaDETH…too much work! just ask JayC to send you his templates :wink:

That’ll be hard I don’t have them anymore, lost them on a dead hdd. I have only made two so far for my TY printables.