Inkjet printing affect Quality?


Couldn’t yield much result searching on this subject,
appreciate if anyone have experience to share.

I just started using my Made In Japan Panasonic BD-R (MEI T01 001).
On the very first disc, i did 1 Q-Scan after burned, which yield very good result.
LDC: Ave = 0.78, Peak = 249.
BIS: Ave = 0.02, Peak = 5.

After printing, (i printed 2 lines of title, date & a BD logo)
i re-scan again and notice that the Q-Scan started to increase significantly as the scan approach the edge.
I re-scan several times with similar result.
When i did a TRT at 8x, the graph start to swing when it approach the edge. TRT at 6x looks ok though.

With this, i was beginning to suspect the printing may cause degradation.
Another possibility is that the burn wasn’t good, and somehow the first and only Q-Scan did not catch the problem before printing.

I tried a 2nd disc (same code but burned with diff data).
This time, i made severals Q-Scan after burn but before printing.
After i printed the disc today, i perform another Q-Scan.
The pre-print scan was very consistent,
but after the printing, i see a small but obvious jump in the Q-Scan.

Results before printing
LDC: Ave = 1.22 to 1.35, Peak = 151 to 151.(no chg)
BIS: Ave = 0.02 to 0.03, Peak = 3 to 3.(no chg)

Result after printing
LDC: Ave = 1.67, Peak = 286.
BIS: Ave = 0.03, Peak = 6.

Appreciate if you have any personal experience to share.

Attached 4 scan in sequence:

1st Disc, Scan before printing
1st Disc, Scan after printing
2nd Disc, Scan before printing
2nd Disc, Scan after printing

Try checking the disc that scans badly for fingerprints and ink (on the data side) near the outer edge. This could have happened while handling the disc.

Hi Drage,

Did check out the surface,
did not see any foreign particle from naked eye.

For the first Disc,
i rescan 1 week after the printing,
the result seems comparable before the printing. :slight_smile:

Look like the printing need time to stabilize.

Will monitor the 2nd disc after a week.