Inkjet Printable Media

I just enabled my Canon PIXMA IP5000 to print directly on discs. What inkjet printable media do you guys recommend???

tyg02 / yuden0002 blah… anyway verbatim if you dont know about media codes :wink:

What are media codes??

The answer can be found in the Media FAQ sticky thread in this forum:

18) What is a DVD Media code (MID) ?18)

Try the glossy printables by Tdk and Verbatim if you want silk screen printing quality.

What ever product you decide to use don’t forget to set up the print area.
Measure the outer and inner diameter of the printable area. Go to label print file/select paper and edit the dimensions set in the default. Save it under a new name. You can do this again if you use different disc’s just give the file a meaningful name.
I have used my ip5000 for a year and the results are stunning. Good luck.

weedougie, do you use CD-LabelPrint to print on your discs?

I’m currently printing on TY03 media and I’m not too impressed with the quality (who knows, maybe I’m doing something wrong). Is there a particular media you recommend? Have you tried TY03 printable media?

BTW, this is the type of media I’m using. Truly not impressed with the print quality.

Try using a white printable, not a silver one if you want good colors.

I use the silver tops ink printable, TYs +R 8X from RIMA, IMHO they are out standing :clap:

I use both TYG02’s Inkjet White and Silver from Rima, the Silvers sure do look cool although
the white do give brighter colors. They both look great to me.