Inkjet printable images coming out lopsided


I printed two inkjet printable CDs (scans of the original label) and the image is coming out lightly lopsided each time. Any idea on how to fix this ?

I believe it may have to do with how I am resizing my image to fit inside my template. I am dragging each edge and visually lining it up. Is there any laballing software that will let you increase the size of an image automatically like percentage wise so that I don;t have to stretch the edges manually ?


I don’t know which labeling software you use, but it’s fairly common for such software, and other software that lets you manipulate images, to lock the aspect-ratio of the image if you resize it by dragging a corner instead of dragging an edge, so you might want to try that instead.

Any suggestions on a really good software ? I dont mind to buy it.

Ive tried acoustica and Surething and Im not a fan


Both Epson and Canon supply software for cd printing, both are very good at this.
As you have not described the method/software or printer in use it is very difficult to help you.

Opps sorry.

Epson R220 and Acoustica Software. Its not too serious, just a little bit offcentre, about a milimetre. Probally not worth reprinting but it would be nice to fix.


Hi Christof999,

I have the “PrintCD” software that came with my r220; I haven’t used it lately, but I believe it has a “test print” function that allows you to do a test first, & then drag the image if it is not centered on the CD. Sort of like an “alignment”.

regards, katzz :slight_smile:

Sounds like you either need to recenter the print area on your disk, or you need to clean the bottom of the tray so it feeds thru the printer evenly.

I have an Epson R320 and the software (Epson Print CD) allows for adjustment. I haven’t used it so I wouldn’t know what to inform you on.


You should use the Epson Print CD program that came with the R220. You should be able to line it up perfectly with that software.
You can also decide how dark you want the printing to be, I lighten it a bit when the cover is dark and darken it a bit when the cover has a lot of light colors,

I use SureThing CD/DVD labeler. Awesome program. They have a free trial. check it out at

In Epson’s PrintCD program (or just about any editing software), to resize an image proportionally, hold down the Shift key and drag the corner to the desired size. Then drag the image to position as necessary.

If the centre isn’t aligned then yes, you’ll have to realign it. However, I have noticed some bad CD/DVD’s with not-perfectly-centred printable coats and that might make it appear as if it’s closer to one side than the other.