Inkjet-printable HP DVD-R

Just bought a 100 pack of HP DVD-R printables… Here’s a link to the product…

Well I have never printed directly on a dvd before… I just bought the Canon Pixma IP4300 and I would like to make realistic looking dvd disc covers… I bought the HP DVD-R printables today cause it was the only printable DVD’s the store I went to had in stock… Has anybody had any expirience with these before? I haven’t broke the seal yet so I could still return it…
I’ve been reading a lot and from what I understand some printable DVD’s get better picture then other’s. So which printable DVD’s have proven to be great?
And do you think I should keep the HP DVD-R printables? I haven’t really found to much info on them
Thanks ahead of time for the help

Welcome to CDF’s:

I’m guessing they are CMCMAG AM3’s and should be ok to print on them like you want.

If you ever come across some Taiyo Yuden 16X WaterShield printable discs don’t hesitate to try them.

You never mentioned the burner brand/model you have?

My burner is a Sony DRU-170C… I just did a search on the Taiyo Yuden 16X WaterShield printable discs and they seem expensive… would you reccomend a glossy finish over a matte finish?? Don’t know much about the finishes either

Check out the CD and DVD Printing Forum.

Has anybody tried the HP DVD-R printable discs? I still haven’t broke the seal and have been thinking about returning them cause I just cant find any info on them… here’s a link to the product
If you go to the photo gallery you can see there writing in the middle of the dvd, which is a big negative for me…
what printable DVD’s do you recommend that don’t cost to much and look good after printing? I heard the gloss cover is the way to go, but i’m new to this…
I would preferably want a disc with no writing in the middle…
I have a canon pixma ip4300 and my burner is a Sony DRU-170C
thanks in advance for the help guys

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Posted by Rolling56
If you ever come across some Taiyo Yuden 16X WaterShield printable discs don’t hesitate to try them.

Have you ever seen these in a Brick and Mortar Store. I haven’t. Only on and other online retailers.:confused:

rolling56 is correct those discs are definitely CMCMAG AM3’s I bought a 50 piece cake-box of them
and they do print beautifully. If you do decide to use them just make sure to set the printer to print
them at 23mm inner and 119mm outer dimensions. You should be very pleased with the print quality
of them but the burn quality isn’t quite on par with say something like Verbatim or TY media but they
do burn alright to be CMC discs. :wink:

IMO The Verbatim Inkjet printable 16X MCC004 are the best deal.
I can get them on sale at MicroCenter for $14.99 50 pack.

I’ve found them better than my Rima bought TY 8X Inkjet Printable.

The Verbs have a better quality surface for printing, and QS is almost as good as TY on my BenQ 1655.

Do you have the model number for those Verbatims? Verbatim like to create LOTS of different SKUs. Also, what’s the inner diameter and outer diameter settings?

The P/N for the Verbatim 16x +R MCC004 hub printable discs is 94917 and the
inner and outer setting is 21mm inner and 119mm outer. The only bad thing with
the Verbatim MCC004 discs is you may get a hold of some of the PAP6 coded discs
instead of the PAPA coded discs. The PAP6 discs have higher PIE and PIF totals
usually than the PAPA discs do and there’s also a chance of getting a hold of some
of the MBI instead of MIT discs. I had several hundred MCC004 discs and I went
through and opened all of them and looked at the hub codes and any PAP6 hub coded
discs I found I either gave them away or sold them very,very,very, cheap and now I
only have around 100 -150 PAPA discs left. :wink: