Inkjet-Printable CDs/DVDs

I’ve got some of each and would like to print on 'em. But how? Like, how do I load 'em into my printer w/o damaging (scratching) 'em? My printer is a Lexmark Z54.

I doubt that your printer is made for this.
There is only one printer I know that is capable of printing on CDs, it is an Epson (number I don’t know).

Epson Stylus Photo 900

Just for general info for the Staff here:

Besides the budget Epson mentioned above, which is in the Sub-$200 price range & takes five mintues to print a CD & the Epson 960 (

There are many printers for this purpose, as you can see from this list (taken from : )

COP-POWERPROII CopyPro Thermal Transfer Standalone CD/DVD Printer $2,899
MED-CD9000ECPS4 MF Digital SCRIBEec Print Station4,330/220/110 Disc Capacity $2,377
MED-CD9000ECPS7 MF Digital SCRIBEec Print Station7,600/400/200 Disc Capacity $4,247
MED-CDP-M-SP2 MF Digital Spectrum 2 Thermal Transfer CD Printer $2,995
MIC-PRF-1000-01 Microboards Print Factory Automated Ink Jet CD Printer $2,495
PRI-53503 Primera CD Printer 1200dpi,Ink-jet, With Cables & Software $995
PRI-56001 Primera Thermal CD Printer 600x305 DPI 2 Color and Mono. $2,219
PRI-57103 Primera CD Printer, 2400dpi,Ink-Jet, Cables And Software $1,287
PRI-62601 Primera Accent Disc Laminator CALL
PRI-62711 Primera Bravo Automated CD/DVD Printer,PC Connect,2400 DPI $1,047
PRI-62807 Primera Composer XL Autoloader, No Printer Or Stand $1,095
PRI-CNDRINKJET Primera Composer XL Autoloading Ink-Jet CD Printer Station $2,138
PRI-CNDRPRO-I Pro CD Autoloading Printer System with CD Ink Jet Printer $2,423
PRI-CNDRTHERMAL Primera Composer XL AutoloaderPrint Station W/Thermal Prnter $3,205
PRI-SIGNATUREIV Primera Signature IV Color Ink-Jet CD Printer $1,048
PRI-SIGNATUREPR Primera Signature Pro Color CD Printer With 2400x1200 DPI $1,395
RIM-554080-001 Rimage Desktop CD Autoprinter With Ink Jet CD Printer $2,939
RIM-554137-100 Rimage Liberty Ink Jet Standalone CD Printer, 4800 DPI $1,225
RIM-555201-200 Rimage Prism Autoprinter II Thermal Automated CD Printer $6,150
RIM-AUTOEVEREST Rimage Everest II Automated Printing System $7,550
RIM-EVEREST-SO Rimage Standalone Everest II Thermal Retransfer CD Printer $4,535
RIM-PRISM-PLUS Rimage Prism Plus Color Thermal CD Printer $2,607
VER-ARTCOATER-M Verity Artcoater Manual Disc Coater For Ink Jet Media $3,757
VER-CEZANNEPRO Verity Cezanne Pro 6-Disc Ink Jet CD Printer $1,487
VER-MATISSEGOLD Verity Systems Matisse Gold Dual Caddie Ink Jet CD Printer $399
VER-ZZ004801 Verity Systems Optiprinter 4800dpi Color Ink Jet CD Printer $1,299