Inkjet printable CD/DVD layer seperation?


When I first bought my Epson R300, some sample printable CD’s were included. I burned a compilation for use in my car head unit and used the printer to decorate the face of the CD. About one week later the CD showed an error message. When I ejected the CD only about 1/3 of the printable surface was attached! The rest of the layer was stuck in the radio! I had to totally remove and disassemble the entire HU to clear the rest of the surface. I haven’t used a printable surface CD/DVD since. Was this a rare occurance or does it happen all the time. I really like the concept and actually purchased the R300 model to have this feature in the first place. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.

Ouch! I have to say that’s the first time I heard of that happening.

Do you have any of those discs left, by any chance?

I wonder which manufacturer did that…
This should not happen with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and not even with Ritek it should, actually.

Yes I do. Two were included. What do you wish to know?

Excellent, I was hoping you still had some left :)…what I wanted to know is the manufacturer of these discs, since it’s an unusual problem :slight_smile:

You can find this out by downloading the latest CD-DVD Speed (4.51.1), popping a disc in, and copy’n’pasting the MID info under the Disc Info tab.

CURSES!! I thought two were included. Only one was. I still have the paper sleave that the CD was enclosed. I know that it does not give you the info that you need.

Memorex Printable CD-R 52x

I am sorry that I didn’t receive more now.

Two printable DVD’s from TDK were also included, but I haven’t used those. Would you like a scan of those instead?

Memorex is low-quality B-grade media made by CMC, Ritek, MBI or other varying manufacturers. It gave us enough info to tell you that you better buy TDK, Sony or Verbatim, or just Taiyo Yuden :wink:

Now we officially have the proof that Memorex is evil.

Memorex…I would steer well clear of them. That could well be the problem - disc brand. (Edit: hehe, kg_evilboy beat me to it :bigsmile: )

I think if you try Verbatim (not sure if they make printable CDRs, but I know they definitely make printable DVD-/+Rs). Taiyo Yuden also make excellent printable discs, if you can shop online.

Yeah, just out of pure interest (although I’m fairly sure they should be fine), can you post the MID info for the TDKs? :slight_smile:

Car stereo HU’s with integrated high power amps get very hot, you will notice the CD’s are hot after using them. I wouldn’t recommend any printable discs for that use. It’s a shame anyway of all the effort and expense you made for printing them and then exposing them to such a hostile environment.

Actually, both of my HU’s are “dead heads”. Meaning they have no internal amplifiers at all. So heat wouldn’t be as intense as if they did.

Yeah, I learned about Taiyo Yuden sourced media from this site. Thanks all! Maybe I will try some of their printable DVD media.

I’ll see if I can post the TDK info…

Probably the same Memorex samples I got with my R200 too :smiley: They smell good, but they are horrid :smiley: The RITEKs are said to have a smooth printing surface, some say te best, but this surface can EASILY come off with with scratching it, whereas the TYs use a rough edge, but noticed it is more stable.

You end up having really crappy discs, I mean I am surprised the surface “detached” at all, your disc must have been burning hot (no pun intended) :smiley:

I think Verbatim is a good choice which is inbetween the both.
They do make printable CD-Rs with Super Azo, sadly mostly MII and almost no MIT, MIC or MIIE anymore.

my r320 came with the same memorex 52x printable…

mine didn’t come with any dvds though :frowning:
cheap bastards :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used 1000+ inkjet printables of various brands and quality and never had this happen. Hopefully this was a one in a million shot. Sorry you had to be the “lucky” one.

Is there anything wrong with the Made in India Verbatim Super AZO CDs?

The Verbatim Super Azo I have are Made in China and are excellent.