Inkjet Printable CD/DVD blanks



Do you like using these? Any real drawbacks?



I think they are great.
Print results is very good with my canon pixma and I have not noted any drawbacks.
Good looking, fast to print and not expensive.

The print surface is more of a protection than a problem I would guess.


Thanks spindrift.



I was wondering if you might have a brand that you would reccomend for this?




Traxdata Fullface Printables 8x DVD-R excellent results everytime :wink:


I like those printable Verbatim 8x DVD+R Disks. They have a great printable surface. I have a Canon Pixma too and have no problems.

Today i am trying some “intenso” labeled Fujifilm DVD-R’s. They are a little cheaper and allow good prints too. Third i have some printable Intenso CD-R’s but i didnt try them yet.
They seem to have the same printing surface.



What stores in the States carry the verbatim hub printables? (not mail order)


The Verbatims have a bright white matt surface but i find with my Pixma 5000 the colors tend to be a bit washed out at times, especially the blacks. I seem to get better results using Prodisc printables which have a creamier and smoother surface producing better colors.

TDK have some high gloss printables and these should own everything else. I’m just waiting to get hold of some.


The inkjet printable (silver surface) Mitsui (MAM) discs are outstanding and my Epson Photo R300 does a great job!.. I think the inkjet surface makes the discs even more durable. ( Buy MAM )


Does anybody have seen print quality differences with the Verbatim 16x Photo DVD media and the Verbatim 8x full surface dvd media ?


I’ve been using Taiyo Yuden DVD-R Hub Printable from Haven’t had any issues and I’ve burned and printed on about 50 so far, haven’t had a coaster yet. Burns are very good and consistant on my PX-712A. The print surface is also one of the better ones I’ve used. Rima just started carrying Taiyo Yuden Hub Printable DVD+R, so I’ll be getting those on my next restocking. They’re both about $62.00 for 100 I beleive at Rima.

I also use the Taiyo Yuden Hub printable CD-R from Newegg. I haven’t burned that many of these yet, maybe 10 or so, but they are flawless as well.I think I paid about $30 for 100 of these from Newegg.


My company had both Taiyo white printable (hub) DVD-R’s and CDR’s. Kinda pricey though. All the Mitsui CDR’s I carry are 74 minute (non hub) printable, but I have silver, gold, and white.
Don’t know about the glossy inkjet printable ones though. Sounds like those might be Thermal printable. I keep hearing average reults from Prodisc and haven’t even heard of Traxxdata. Be interested what manufacturer actually makes those.
Just wondering if you are using an inkjet printer or just a marker.


I have a colour laser so can’t use the inkjet printable aspect of discs, however ironically sometimes the printables are a bit cheaper than the exact same disc with brandig on, I find a problem with them is they tend to ‘stick’ together!


I have found the Ritek surface to be richer than the Taiyo Yuden which seems to be washed out.

I think it’s because the surface of the TY is rougher with the surface showing through therefore making the colours washed out.

I tested it with the free piece of TDK Japan (Taiyo Yuden) CD-R and the papery surface is indeed washed out compared to my Ritek CD-R.


I’ve actually have seen hub-printable Maxell 8x’s at those Super Walmarts just recently. The DVD-R (at one store) was Made in Japan. Most likely it has the MXLRG03 media code. At my local Walmart, they were just stacking some Maxell DVD+R hub printables.

I’ve probably used 200+ Maxell dvd-r (non-hub) white printables, and they are superb. Print surface is excellent. Burn quality is as good as their branded media. I can’t speak for their hub printable versions…they never used to make them (and I’m still a little suprised).

Verb’s - MCC, are what I’ve used for hub printables and they are great too. Though, I’ve yet to see any Verb printables in the stores.