Inkjet decal transfers for CD/DVD labeling?


I could swear I read about this in a magazine recently, but can’t remember which one it was in. Does someone make a new product for inkjet printers that works like this:

  1. Print the label image in reverse onto the transfer medium
  2. Peel off the transfer medium, and put it on your CD label applicator (like the Neat-o kind)
  3. Press it on
  4. Rub over the surface (??)
  5. Peel off the backing, and only the ink remains on the disk

I have done every Google search I can think of, and I’m coming up with zip. Can anyone tell me if something like this exists, or did I dream it??


Sounds like a good thing to stay away from. :flower:

I’ve never seen anything like that, but sticking labels on discs can be a bad idea.