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I’m trying to find info and inkjet that will print directly on CD/DVD media. Can’t find much except for some single color cheap ones and the really expensive high end printers. Anyone have brands/models?

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I’m trying to find info and inkjet that will print directly on CD/DVD media.
Epson Stylus Photo R300M Color Inkjet Printer

Epson Stylus Photo R300M


I have and Epson R300 and a Rimage Liberty. The Epson prints well, but I don’t like how you have to load the discs on tray holder. It took me a while to get the hang of aligning the disc correctly. The Epson is about $179.00 US. The Liberty only prints CD’s and DVD’s. It has a dedicated tray to hold the discs. It’s also $1200.

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Hi cdprintexpress

how do you find the liberty ?

Do you also have the everst ?

I am looking for a high end disc printer but have not yet had time to get the samples in i need to study.

I was very very interested in the everst II but am a little put off by limited disks that can be used and the higher price for these discs. Recently as you would be aware the “other” company released the disk laminator. Looks very interesting especially the laminate film with a hologram on it. Should make the disks look smart. So perhaps the liberty ink jet combined with a laminator is a better path ? i am told the ink jet prints as nice as the everest but the problem is the fragility of the label after printing. The laminate takes care of that and i am told gives the ink jet label a deep shine to it that really improves the contrast of the image . haven’t seen any samples yet myself so all this is conjecture at this time. The only thing i can see so far in favour of the everest is some of the trick things you could do with the white ribbon and a silver disc.

Anyway any input you could provide as a user would be nice




I do have the liberty and an auto everest. The everest is a great printer. There is a lot of affordable everest printable media out there these days.
I had primera send me a sample of their laminated inkjet cd. It doesn’t compare to the everest. A stand alone everest would cost about $4500. A Liberty and a Laminator would cost about $4700.
Let me know if I answer any other questions.

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Hi Jason
thanks for your reply…fast too !

Are u on the orig everest or the everest II ?

what is the difference between these models ?

How do you find color matching output on the everst ? or at least how close can you calibrate everst output to what you see on the monitor (o.k there are monitors and there ARE monitiors ) but i think you get my point. Just wondering how nice a print it will actually do for example skin tones.

FYI i used to own a pro photo lab and a screen print shop as well :slight_smile: so i am a little picky on colour output but it seems the everest is the ticket

any problems that need work arounds for example.
In general any details you can provide are valuable as you have had time to get acquinted to its iydosycnricies



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I have the Auto Everest II. I don’t know the difference between I & II. I use it’s auto color matching mode. It works well. You can also do it manually. The skin tones come out great. The only problem it has with color, is with some shades of blue. They sometimes come out purple. It is easy to fix in Photoshop.

Hi again
@ Jason

thanks for your info. I am so tempted to get the II. I have a very niche market in mind that would take these disks buy the bucket load …i should stop procrastinating and do it !!!

Seems the price has come down a bit lately , seems to have stabilised around 4500.00. DO you know of anywhere to get a better deal ? and whats the best media you’ve used so far to get great output? how different is the output on different disks ? and finally how much can you get a good quality everst silver fo ?
sorry for allthe questions but you are a rare find…someone who has actually used the everest in a production enviroment. Plenty of reps who sing its praises but you cant take that with a grain of salt !! as i am sure you would understand…


thanks again. Checked out the site you posted. Lots of goodies there :slight_smile:

as well i checked out bigpockets. Did you see the verbatims with a cakebox packed in a box with verbatim printed on tehm. The price is different to the other ones. Its the other ones i have bought today for .86 pence, burning one now , cant wait…

off topic , but tell me Mr Boskins which method do you prefer, transcoding in shrink , dvdclone , rejig or cce ? just wondering wht your idea of quality is



Lots of questions. I purchase from they are very fair with their pricing. $4500 for the stand alone sounds about right. I’m sure if you purchase the media and extra ribbons with your order you can probably get the price down. We use White SKC and Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s. Both are hub printable w/out a stacking ring. I’ve used Prodisc and Mam-A (Mitsui). The Prodisc are OK and the Mam-A are too expensive. I think SKC is the way to go. I have never used silver media, so I can’t give you an opinion. Let me know if you need my contact at Media Supply.

Hi cdprintexpress

Sorry , did’t mean to overload you with questions :slight_smile:

got carried away finally talking with someone who has used the everest. I have been checking this out since last June !! and at last some one with practical info. Nice ;-))

Thanks for your info.

Now should i spend my 4 and a half G’s or not…that is the question